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Letters To The Editor

A House For $550?

To read the story referenced, How To Build An Off-Grid Home … Debt-Free, click here.

You can do it a LOT cheaper than that. Make a house plan that is expandable – one big room with a bathroom. The big room includes kitchen and bed area. As the years roll by, and money accumulates, you add bedrooms, porches, dens, decks, etc.

Secondly, you don’t need $5k for tools. Rent a back-hoe to start your foundation and dig septic tank hole. Then, with $100 worth of tools, you can hammer and saw everything together.

I have built and/or rehabbed about 30 houses in my life. Learned how from library books. First house costs me $550 using USED lumber and labor of friends and family on weekends.



When accumulating building materials, make regular trips to the city dump if you’re near one. You would be amazed at the amount of materials that are perfectly good that are thrown away as they clean up other construction sites around town. An enterprising friend was able to salvage 40 to 50 percent of the material he needed to build his 2000 s/f home over a period of several months. He had more time than money and it paid off for him.


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  1. I’ve noticed large numbers of articles regarding safeguarding ones home and gardening in the city etc. But am I being unrealistic in assuming that if SHTF in whatever way or for whatever reason that staying or being stuck in the city is basically an exercise in futility. I live in Las Vegas and have noticed multiple chokepoint/checkpoints being set up at all the major highways in and out of town. I for one do not relish the thought of being sequestered in the city limits without being able to get out. Any attempts to force ones way out is basically death by cop, don’t you think

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