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Letters To The Editor

Readers React To Esther Emery Interview


I can relate to what she has done. I grew up without any computers, Internet, email or cell phones. I miss the era of snail mail, land line phones and hardback books. The e-readers like Kindle are great since you can have a large library to read and computer to listen to your favorite music, but for the Internet, I don’t have a real need for except for living in Asia and that is the only reason for email. Back in the States I would rely on good old snail mail.

Everyone should try to be off the grid for a week and see if they like it. I do. Take care everyone and try to enjoy life without the net.



This woman may not be as unusual as people think. There have been some years when I have not had or used a TV. I have no cell phone nor any plans to ever have one. I rarely use a telephone and sorely miss the social nature of living 50 years ago. People who are addicted to Internet, cellphones, iPads, etc., seem to be very lacking in interacting with other people. It seems sad the number of people who sit at a restaurant table glued to their cellphones while they ignore the people sitting on the other side of the table. I don’t claim to be without interest in being online but enjoyed hearing this woman’s experience.


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