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Letters To The Editor

More Frugal Advice From The Past

To read the story referenced, “8 Frugal And Forgotten Ways Your Great-Grandparents Made It Through Hard Times,” click here.

Good article with sage advice. I learned a lot from my parents and grandparents who remembered the Great Depression and its aftermath. They taught me to be frugal and avoid wasting money. Tried to teach my kids the same thing. Works well for all of us. Most of the things hyped today are not really needed to survive. I was once offered a job at twice what I was making. I turned it down, explaining that if I made that much, I’d just have to buy bigger toys and more expensive everything. You only need so much to put food on the table. I like being self-sufficient. I like being off the grid.



As a little girl growing up in the early 2000s during the recession, I can remember my parents living a very frugal lifestyle and teaching these skills to me. I look around at society today and feel so out of place because I was taught such an old way of life, but I couldn’t dream of having been taught any other way. My generation lives in ignorance and I cherish how my parents raised me.



My mother taught us the difference between needs and wants, and I guest when you get that knowledge, that’s one of the greatest gifts a parent could give a child. It not only teaches self-discipline but survival – whether you go either here or another country.


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  1. Greetings?
    From my understanding, spec ops started by getting peoplie who made their living in remote wooded, swamp, mountainous regionsvand gleaned the skills needed. I think Britain was the first.
    But indians lived seemingly a good life for those times. Would you have any information on this or how they made fish nets and traps?
    I’dcappreciate whatever you can tell me.

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