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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We recently moved to Thailand from Japan. While living in Tokyo, due to the concern over earthquakes, we had emergency food, water, etc. Through your research, do you know any additional tips for those of us outside the United States or have any insights as to what, if any, preparations other countries are taking?
Outside the USA

Dear Outside:
I wanted to put your letter up and see if any of our readers have suggestions for you based on first-hand experience or knowledge. What say you, readers? Do you have any suggestions for our friend in Thailand?
God bless!
The Editor


Dear Editor,

Our worst problem we have growing a garden is grasshoppers. Every couple of years they devour
our plants. Do you have any advice on how to protect my garden?
Buggy Over Grasshoppers

Dear Buggy,
There are several natural methods you can try to repel grasshoppers. One is to plant cilantro around your veggies as it’s a natural grasshopper repellant. Natural garlic sprays will work against grasshoppers as well as earwigs, June bugs, and squash bugs, among other.

Here is the recipe for a natural garlic spray:
1) Cut a whole garlic clove into quarters
2) Place the garlic into your blender, along with 2 cups of water. Blend for one minute on high speed.
3) Pour the garlic water into some type of container and allow it to stand for 24 hours.
4) Strain the mixture through a fine mesh or cheese cloth to filter out the garlic pulp. Then mix this strained solution with one gallon of water.
5) Pour into a spray bottle, and then mist the leaves of your plants, top and bottom.

The Editor

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