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Letters To The Editor

A Coffee Substitute With Caffeine?

Don’t forget the Yaupon Holly tree. The leaves can be roasted and ground into coffee, and it does contain caffeine! See the plant profile at for more information.



When I was young (after WW2) my mum would take wheat bran and mix some molasses with it and roast it in the oven of a wood-fired stove. When it was sufficiently darkened, it was placed in a glass jar after cooling and reducing the lumps to much smaller sizes. A good-sized spoonful and boiling water made a cup of home-made coffee. The bran probably came out of the bag of bran that we had when bran and pollard was mixed with water and fed to the chooks.



I always thought I was just being a glutton when I needed a second of third helping of store bought veggies. Now it seems my body might have known something.