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Letters To The Editor

More Tips For Discovering Off-Grid Land

To read the story referenced, “5 Tips For Finding Off-Grid Land Where No One Will Bother You,” click here.

I live in the forest (literally). No DSL, cable or neighbors! I moved about 4 years ago. Have 16 wooded acres zoned agriculture, no town nearby and nothing but wildlife and God’s wondrous universe around me. The peace and solitude is the most glorious thing I have ever known. Good luck in your search! I have found my heaven!



I am looking for just this type of land, and I have noticed hunting cabins and half-built settlements are a cheap and easy way to start, if you’re an able-body fixer-upper. You have a nice start to wire any way you want your power source (solar, wind, generator). Usually land is untouched and has been for years. Your easement article was enlightening as that raises the non-profit easements to a possible problem. But in light of that, wells and waste are the next problem I am researching.


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