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Letters To The Editor

Even More Ideas For Homemade Weapons

To read the story referenced, “4 Deadly (And Easy-To-Make) Self-Defense Weapons,” click here.

Nothing beats a staff. Easy to make, great reach, and everyone has swung a stick. … Having thrown javelin in high school and college, I prefer a good spear. I used to warm up by throwing it at objects nearby and developed pretty good accuracy. If you are going to throw your spear, you better have a back-up.



How about a sheleleah. They were so devastating at one time even owning one was outlawed. It’s nothing more than a tree limb with the upper part of a small tree made into a mallet. This is where the golf club came from.



Here in the rural west of Texas a steel fence combination tool is quick and nice for up-close work. In fancy duds, a, oak walking stick with shiny brass bulldog keeps the mess at arm’s length.



My favorite is from Scotland and Ireland, “A Rock in a Sock.” A round rock the size of a baseball in a sock may be easily swung with great force and is almost impossible to defend against.


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