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Letters To The Editor

Readers Divided Over ‘Kentucky 10’ Off-Grid Family

To read the story referenced, “Police Seize 10 Children From Homeschool Family Because They’re Off-Grid,” click here.

These people have never taken government handouts, and that is one reason they live as simply as they can. And that may be a reason why the government tries to force them to have to get on the welfare train. These people can show others that you don’t have to fall into the welfare trap to feed your family. They refuse to allow others to be forced to support them. Yes they ask a lot of people for help and assistance, but that is what neighbors, family and friends are supposed to do for each other. They are not perfect, but let he who is perfect cast the first stone.



There are many places [in America] that don’t have water, so you tank it. That is access, and it works all over the country. The home is a shed and is uninsulated. I’m not sure that’s criminal, though. A lot of traditional homes have virtually no more insulation than their shed. As long as they maintain plenty of blankets so they can keep warm, what does it matter? In AZ, a lot of families, particularly on Native American reservations, will sleep outside in the summertime under a thatched cover – no walls at all.


My chicken’s live better than these children do! Shame on all who believe it’s ok to raise children under those deplorable conditions!



While I would not choose to raise my children this way, I’m not going to fuss over a family who seems to have reason and goals in mind for doing what they are doing. Doesn’t matter how different they appear to me, if they are fine with it I believe they have the right to create a home that works for them. … These children are getting a huge lesson in survival, adaptability and grit, something that I admire and believe will result in incredible adults. They don’t appear unhappy either.



I think that 2 people keeping 10 kids living in a 280 foot shelter IS abuse!!!!!



I just wonder where we draw the line between live and let live and child neglect? I don’t think it’s right for the state to take the children, and wish the children could be helped the old fashioned way, with community support. It is very frustrating to see this family being upheld as heroes, when they are doing such a great disservice to their children. I think they are a shame to the homeschooling, homesteading off-grid community and make all of us look bad.


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