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Letters To The Editor

Field-Tested Survival Tips

I make survival knives. I get a nylon sheath from Raine that has a pouch with it where I put a tube with waterproof matches, 2 hooks and 50 foot of fishing line. I get the tube from Walmart for .87 cents. IF the inside of the lid doesn’t have a mirror I cut a CD to fit and glue it in. It reflects great.

Another thing I did that had people give me the duh look was when I was teaching the bow method and I watch people use the palm of their hand to push down and stopped them before they had a nasty blister. The best survival tool is your brain and brains are numb in most.

Use the lid for holding the top of the stick. That way you can get after it and not worry about a blister. The tubes come in different colors. If I am doing military I use green obviously. If on a hike I use the orange.

If you tie some paracord around the orange tube and swing it in a circle you can see that orange ring a loooong ways. Same thing with a glow stick. Hang it and it’s dull light. Swing it in a circle and you can see that several miles. FIELD TESTED!


One comment

  1. We’ve developed a heat engine targeted electrical generation for residential use.

    Thought this might be of interest to you and your readers.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    Tim Sefton

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