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Letters To The Editor

‘Make Your Own’ Place To Fish, Reader Says

To read the story referenced, “3 Reasons Why Fishing Is A Survivalist’s Lifehack,” click here.

People need to make their own places to fish. This could be a tiny stream that 100 years ago was wider and deeper and held lots of fish. Dig those places back out and don’t tell anyone. I see all sorts of streams and creeks that have overgrown banks neglected by small towns that don’t have the budget to keep them cut back or have forgotten about them. Where I grew up, one could live off what they caught from a creek. Now, the old landowners have died off and the kids sold the land to the first developer. And the developer cut down every tree. And over the years the soil has washed into the water and chocked everything out. At age 53 I go back and see what used to be 30-feet wide with deep pot holes, now down to a trickle measured in inches. “Progress.”



To read the story referenced, “11 All-Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Ants In Your Kitchen,” click here.

The best way to get rid of sugar ants is aspartame. Put a tablet or packet in a small bottle cap, then fill with water. Ants will love it and be gone in a day or two. It is poison, you know.


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