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Letters To The Editor

FDA Organic Farm Rule A ‘Crime’

This FDA move (FDA To Ban Organic Farming?) is a legalized crime designed to destroy small independent farmers in a situation where big corporate farms will eagerly gobble up bankrupted family farms. As the article attests, the outlawed practices have been implemented for many centuries with generally good results in a healthy ecological model, from dust to dust. This FDA ban is not about protecting any but big corporations’ vice grip on the markets. Our Amish friends appear to be most severely in danger here, as using horses in the fields may be prohibited by these despotic regulations for tyranny.



At every level, in all areas, all sectors of the U.S. Economy, Industry, Medicine, Agriculture, Foreign Policy have been taken over by monopoly private interests that now run The U.S. Government and its Policy Formulations.

Whether it’s your own citizens, or citizens of the world, these elite monopolists want to see you Americans, and citizens of the world gone from the face of the earth.

At some point, you American citizens will need to take back your country from these Monopolists.

In the process of saving yourselves, you will save world. If that means anything to you?



This is horrible. The inorganic farmers should be taxed and forced to pay for the ones doing it right. It’s time we flip the switch. Give the good guys a break.



I enjoyed your knife-making piece(s). However I’d have to disagree with a file being a suitable blank for a knife. It’s about the right size and all that, but files, as well as hacksaw blades and the like, typically Rockwell in the 60-65 range. That in itself makes them fairly brittle.

Tungsten and carbide are definitely harder, but still only run in the 70-73 Rockwell range.

At work we’d generally just use the ends of files. That way when they dulled, one could just put the dull end in a vise and snap it off. The same would happen to a knife made from a file, if one needed a knife for more than just slicing.

Nickel is what makes stainless steel “stainless,” and the amount of nickel can vary widely in it. Nickel is a nonferrous metal, and therefore nonmetallic. A magnet will stick to most knife blades, indicating only a very small percentage of nickel is in the alloy.

I would personally use A1 steel, or even old leaf springs off a car to make one myself. That way one wouldn’t need to anneal a hard metal such as a file to make a knife truly worth calling a survival knife.

A tool always breaks when you’re using it. It’s better in my book to run a stone over a knife’s edge more frequently, rather than having it snap when you’re needing it the most.


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