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Letters To The Editor

More Ways That Honey Heals

My mother was recently in a retirement home and developed bed sores. She needed to go to the hospital for an unrelated injury where the hospital nurses treated the bed sores with honey.



I get what are called pressure ulcers on the bottoms of my feet. For these you must go to a wound clinic that specializes in chronic and slow healing wounds. Well since the cost of this is $200 per visit (in my case) and the bandages can cost over $35 a piece, it is a problem. Being treated at a wound clinic weekly. the wound can sometimes take years to heal. So I googled natural wound treatments and they said honey.

I then did research and found that a wound doctor tested this on knowing volunteers and only cleaned the wound with saline and then treated with pure unfiltered unprocessed raw honey and the average healing time was six weeks. So I tried it, and now it is the only thing I do besides prayer (of course), and six weeks is about how long it took them to hill! Saline is just distilled water and minute amount of salt, and I also found out that it is just the same mixture as human tears. Honey is a natural antibiotic, according to that doctor and I would have to agree. It heals wounds much faster than “standard methods.” Look it up yourself. It is awesome!


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