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Letters to the Editor

More Dumb Mistakes Even Smart Gardeners Make

Certain plants prefer certain companions while other plants are repulsive towards other species. I first observed this when I planted tomatoes and cucumbers/cabbage (cucurbit family) and the closer they were to each other, the more dwarfed each plant was. Other species’ close associations are not always as noticeable, and sometimes only one species is effected more than the other. Also, when giving space for larger plants you can interplant quicker growing companion plants in all that extra space and harvest as the larger plants grow to size. I don’t plant in rows as much as I plant plots, sometimes laying boards down temporarily or long-term to prevent soil compaction.



Great tips. I just thinned my kale, radishes and beets. Rather than toss out the crowded plants, I nip them off and add them to salads. Kind of like succession eating.


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