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Letters To The Editor


I enjoyed the article on Cooking with Wheat: 5 Ways to Use Those Wheat Berries. However, my question is where can non­-GMO wheat be purchased? It seems to be defeating my purpose to have my garden of heirloom produce and then use GMO wheat for my flour and cereals.



Dear Jim,

Great question! There are several places out there and doing a search on the Internet will find several suppliers. Here are some suggestions from our search:

The Editor



Dear Editor,

Could you advise me as to where I could purchase Lobelia inflata seed to grow for myself in my herbal garden?   

Thank you,



Dear S—

I have found several sources for Lobelia inflata (Indian tobacco) on the Internet. Here are a few sources:

  • Local Harvest –

  • Everwilde Farms –

  • Horizon Herbs –

The Editor


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