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letters to the editor

Rethinking Survival Tools

I like the fact that you added a machete. Most do not. A very versatile tool. I have one with a saw blade on the top of the blade which covers the issue of having a saw. I think the bottom line is that anyone trying to “bugout” in the woods for more than a week max will not make it. I’d like to know of some articles where someone has been able to live for a month with just a BOB in the woods.



For a BOB, I will give the Cold Steel Spetsnaz shovel high marks for durability and use. Especially great for filling sand bags, the small size fits the bag mouth very well. Short enough to work with one hand, the other hand holding the bag mouth open. Non-folding design – no hinge to rust out.


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  1. Letter to Bill Heid-Please forward.
    I own a perfect power. I would like to make it “more perfect” by adding the SmartWind turbine.
    Let me know if you are having any holiday sales and I’ll buy one.

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