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Letters To The Editor

More Items That Your Great-Grandparents Stockpiled

To read the story referenced, “7 Items Your Great-Grandparents Stockpiled That You Should, Too,” click here.

My relatives kept old newspapers. Rolled them into logs for burning, keeping some aside to be used as fire-starters, used them to protect the floor from wet and muddy shoes, used them as packing when sending packages or packing for a move, used them as mulch or weed barrier in the garden, used as third layer in wrapping meat for freezing, used them as a drop cloth for painting or crafts, used them as drawer liners or insulation in the dog house, or floor protection when training a new puppy, stuffed in our boots to hold their shape and remove some of the moisture and odor. I am sure there are more that escape me at the moment but that stack of newspapers by the back door seldom overflowed its box as it was constantly being called on to meet some need.



Heirloom seeds and a way to preserve some for the next year.


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