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letters to the editor

Donkeys … As Guard Dogs?

True that. We found this out accidentally, as the pair of cows we have on our pasture would not consume a noxious weed that invaded the pasture. It began to crowd out the natural grass that the cattle would eat. We thought of purchasing a goat, but dog packs in the area made us reconsider. A friend recommended a donkey and after taking one of the noxious plants to offer to the donkey, it consumed it with no problem. Done deal – the seller even took the animal to our pasture as part of the buy.

Donkeys are headstrong, and even bully the cows somewhat when it comes to feeding time. But the donkey is protective of them as well.

Keep track of the donkey’s hooves – a farrier may be required to keep them trimmed if the ground isn’t rocky enough. Other than that, they are easy to care for.



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