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Letters To The Editor


If the food we buy is not good for us how come we are living longer than our ancestors did? The average age for dying has gone up about 20 years from what I have read on life expectancy.  WHY?




Good question, and there is an easy answer. First, though, let me sum up what I said last week. I said in the letter to the editor (available for free to subscribers) that America’s infatuation with taste, convenience and expediency  is one reason America ranks 51st in life expectancy, despite the  fact we spend more than twice as much as any other developed country on health care. As a nation, we are eating horrible food. So why do we live longer than our ancestors? There are a number of reasons, but there are two: 1) The infant morality rate for our ancestors was much higher, skewing the numbers for that era, and 2) We have better health care. Our ancestors ate natural food and worked the land, allowing them to remain healthy. (Look at the black and white pictures of our ancestors. They were elderly.) But advances in medical knowledge and science allows us to live longer, despite the fact we are eating unhealthy processed food – and despite the fact government-intervention for decades has driven up health-care costs. If readers have anything else to add to this discussion, send me an email at [email protected] .





The processed foods that are sold in our grocery stores and fast-food restaurants are not good for you. Perhaps to help get around this, could you offer recipes or a cook book for us to use our garden/farm fresh goods to prepare? I think it may be a lack of knowledge for some people, and of course the store products are so simple (just add water)!



I can do that! Our friends at Solutions From Science have quite a few good recipe books for using all-natural ingredients. Here is a link:



  1. Our infant mortality rate is rising and our life expectancy is falling. Mostly, I think, that is due to increasing poverty and the need to eat cheap, unhealthful foods.

  2. Do you allow people to copy your articles and post them in their entirety on other websites?

    • Typically, no Tony. Under most circumstances, we don’t allow that. If someone would like to post an excerpt and link back to us, that is fine.

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