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Letters To The Editor

The idea that healthy food is more expensive is a myth! But to feed your family healthy foods cheaply, you DO have to get up off your heiny and COOK. A crockpot can be had at Goodwill for under $10, and a plethora of easy, cheap, dinners can be cooked in one. Feeding a family healthy food cheaply involves making a lot of soups and stews and roasts. And making decent use of the leftovers. Buy ingredients in bulk and make your own baked goods–they will be both healthier and cheaper than the store garbage. Cook from scratch–mixes and premade stuff are never cost-effective, and they almost always have nasty ingredients. If you must have a crunchy salty snack, make popcorn at home. Not the microwave stuff–that’s pricey. We seldom buy junk food, and I always have sticker shock on the rare occasions that we do.




That’s good advice! Thanks for commenting.



  1. How may I send you my latest article for your consideration?

  2. I’ve also been hoping to get in touch with the editor over there to pitch some of my ideas. Is there a preferred address for article pitches submissions?

  3. Hey you guys!! Recently ordered some “survival” foods and have yet to receive them nor have I gotten any heads up as to where they might be. Can you tell me who to contact inside your company to settle this matter? Thanks in advance for your help

    Kevin Allgood
    [email protected]

  4. Interesting article and I agree with most of what he said. The one knife maker I know, a fellow South African, is Chris Reeve, who now lives and produces knives in the USA. He shapes his survival/fighting knife out of a single bar of steel, so he does not compromise strength, and still gives you a hollow handle, with a neoprene seal. This knife was used by our Reconnaissance Komando’s (special forces), bought out of their pocket. Now that is an endorsement. Also if you need to do fine work, use your pocket knife! I use a Puma “Pointer” with a 3″ blade, lock back, and if push comes to shove, it is not a bad back up defense knife, if you know what you are doing. Go for main artery points, throat, neck, inner thigh, groin.

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