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Letters To The Editor

The Easiest Source Of Meat When Society Collapses?

To read the story referenced, “The Fastest And Easiest Source Of Meat If Society Collapses,” click here.

I have chickens and they take very little effort to keep. Producing food for them is very easy. Meal worms and crickets take very little effort to grow. Also, sprouting seeds in the wintertime is an easy green supplement that you yourself can eat. Also, since I only have heritage breads I have had several go broody on me which I have encouraged. Aside from that, Silkies are excellent brood hens and will sit on many eggs at once. The easy way to get Silkies to hatch out your chicks is to keep a Silkie roo and a few hens in a small pen and your regular hens with a roo in a larger pen and when you notice one getting broody, stick as many eggs under her as she will hold, usually about 7 to 10 depending on the size of the eggs. In 21 days without fail you will hatch out at least half of them.



I don’t have any trouble breeding chickens. The question I have is why would you want to eat a rodent? They have more worms and parasites then pork. On my homestead I shot every rabbit and pig I see.



The only issue I have with this is from what I’ve read online on other sites you just can’t only eat rabbit for every meal, because there’s not enough fat to sustain a human. It has to be supplemented.


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