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letters to the editor

Even More Ways To Get Rid Of Winter Mice

You could add the Adirondack Mouse Trap to your list! We have several! In the barn, garage, RV, and wood shed! Basically it’s a 5-gallon bucket with a piece of wood that acts as a ramp. You fill 1/4 full with water or antifreeze depending on your weather. From here there are several variations but I just smear peanut butter around the inside rim. Mice climb up, eat some PB and drown in the liquid. The trap will keep on working until the peanut butter or the liquid is gone! I check mine a few times a week but you could leave them alone for a season (like for an RV). Just be prepared for rotten mice! Many videos in YouTube to explain better.



A note about the glue traps … if you wish to release the critter way, way far away from your house in the woods, take some cooking oil (vegetable, canola, olive, etc…) and pour some over the mouse and the trap where he is stuck, in a few minutes he will be able to work his way free and be on his way.



Did you forget to mention having a cat?


One comment

  1. regarding manure disposal

    we move the building in the spring and when ever required. Then we had a fresh garden for the summer. after some tilling.. Also, it allowed our horses a change of scenery and helped out their grazing zone. Why clear out the manure when you can move the building. just hook it up to the tractor.

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