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Letters To The Editor

One More Way To Crack Black Walnuts

To read the story referenced, “Black Walnuts: How To Crack (And Cook With) Nature’s Toughest Nut,” click here.

These are my favorite nut to eat or cook with. It gives cookies, breads and cakes such an aroma and flavor. Anyway, my grandma and I would gather several bushels of them after they had fallen to the ground, and pour them out in the barn on the floor to dry out. When they were dry, we would take a bushel and sit outside on the concrete step, and then take a hammer and crack them and put them in a large pan. We’d let them sit for three to five days, and they’d dry out more. The nut meats are very easy to pick out with a nut pick, then we’d put them in jars to cook with later on. We did this every year. I don’t have walnuts around where I live, so I order them from a place that sells them.



  1. How did you get the husk off? I have not tried it since I was a child but I was stained, very stained.

    • Thanks for your comment! Read the story and watch the video here:

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