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Letters To The Editor

Readers React To “Mark Of Beast” Story

Editor’s note: To read the story referenced – “‘Apocalyptic’ Microchip Implants Are Here – And Being Inserted Into People’s Hands” – click here.

I believe that this technology brings us closer to the biblically prophesized era of the “end times.” However, I DON’T think that getting a permanent stamp or chip automatically dooms you to hell. I did think of something, though. The gov’t may require these chips for buying and selling… and then when they make a world gov’t, (as the Bible prophesies) they may tell you that you must swear allegiance to the Antichrist or you’ll have your chip de-activated. That would sure make it harder to deny, once you’ve already lived comfortably under that system. I think I’m going to stay away from that!



It is all coming together for the last days. I didn’t even want my dog microchipped. I’m wondering if the temporary tattoo is temporary. If people are not knowledgeable about The “Mark of the Beast” how does this play into their salvation? Will this chip mean that doing it for convenience or just checking out technology, do they lose their chance for salvation? Or is it only when it is forced? Can a person cut their finger off, if and when it becomes law? In my mind these people are playing with fire. I praise my Savior, Jesus Christ, that I am aware. They will just have to behead me, if I am still around. I know I will be raptured or called from my grave to the words “Come up hither”



I am 100 percent against implanting chips containing any such information inside my body, 99 percent against other people doing it to themselves unless their own abilities have been physically hindered (brain damage etc.) and this technology will somehow allow them to use again those previously diminished abilities. Also sounds a lot like the “mark of the beast” as stated in the Bible, especially if it becomes required to buy, sell or trade goods. Any mark actually INSIDE your hand or INSIDE your head I will steer far away from warning others of possible negative effects.


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  1. It will not be required…..yet. There will need to be a crisis that makes most flock to it, like Ebola. If it is reported that it can be easily spread by paper money, people will flock to e-money, banning paper. Then all they have to do is change from cards to chips. You want access to your retirement account, free handouts? Gotta get this “harmless” chip. SOOOO beneficial! Why, even the Vatican has REQUIRED it for anyone living or working in Vatican City, so it MUST be OK! Yeah, not so much. When you need an implant to buy or sell, sounds like Rev to me. The Bible is crystal clear on that. Just an accident/coincidence that it was warned about 2,000 years ago, right?

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