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Letters To The Editor


Thank you for all of your efforts. I worked at the Hawaii House of Representative between 1999-early 2005, for past Representative Helene Hale, the oldest elected member of the House of Representative. During my term with her I wrote a short version to place in into defining GMO and labeling local grown products which failed to be heard in committee. I learned how the powers being … can control what get heard and/or passed. Many thanks to all of your efforts. Our House bill was the first and not the last.

Barbara from Hawaii 


Thanks for writing and for reading Off The Grid News!




One of the benefits/penalties of Advanced Maturity is a memory of little things that now pop up. Hence this question about GMO foods and Monsanto.

As a child in the 30s and 40s, we used to drive from our home in Mansfield, Ohio to visit my mother’s relatives south of Toledo.  We drove through many fields of corn, many of which had highway signs declaring “DeKalb XX”, a number representing the particular version of hybrid corn developed by the DeKalb company. A few years later, in high school science classes, I was introduced to the concepts of hybrid plants, grafting for better apples, roses, and so forth, changing plants for what we wanted. In fact, we now learn that corn as we know it came from a much smaller plant in Mexico that, over centuries, was enlarged and improved to what we toss onto the grill these days.

Pray tell, what is the difference between what Monsanto has been doing to develop plants that resist pests and what DeKalb was doing seventy years ago with their corn seeds?

Charlie Brown, Hendersonville, NC


Mr. Brown,

Thanks for writing.

Your question is a good one, and one that GMO supporters often raise. There are many ways to answer your question, but we must begin by stating simply: hybrid plants are natural, GMO plants are unnatural. One has been occurring for thousands of years. One has begun only with modern science. One occurs even without human intervention, one requires human intervention and modern-day science. One cross breeds using similar things, the other breeds un-similar things.

To quote one of our archived Off The Grid News stories: “Plant hybrids are only crossed with plants of the same species, species that would cross naturally in nature if grown together and cross-pollinated.  GMOs can be different species, such as a fish and a tomato, forced together. These things would not happen in nature, even if grown side-by-side. They are not natural, though they might appear to be. Additionally, GMOs can also be created in a lab to cross similar species in a way that would not happen nearly so quickly in nature, as is the case with our modern-day wheat.” (Read the full story here.)

Another one of our experts wrote, “While hybrids simply harness a naturally occurring process, GMOs are created in a lab using techniques, such as gene splicing, that are foreign to the natural world.” (Read that story here.)

GMO crops can’t be created in nature. That’s the whole point, and that’s why Monsanto and others turn to laboratory “magic.”

Just because something can happen doesn’t make it natural. After all, in a whole different branch of science, scientists now are finding ways to make sperm-less embryos and even embryos with multiple biological parents. That’s not natural.

And we haven’t even mentioned heirloom seeds, which are natural and taste better than hybrid seeds, anyway.

There also are the health concerns that many GMO opponents have. Yes, people all over the globe have been consuming GMO foods for more than a decade now, but that’s not a lot of time to study the long-term effects on health. As Professor Chuck Benbrook, an agricultural economist at Washington State University, told The Olympian newspaper, scientists have not spent enough time studying “changes in reproductive development, immune system health, the rate of cancer, various blood problems, etc.” The “vast majority of research has focused on the nutrient composition of crops and not the impacts on humans,” The Olympian paraphrased him saying.

Again, thanks for writing.



  1. One aspect of the GMO’s I have never heard addressed is about allergies. My daughter has a severe meat allergy (alpha-gal) and we have started noticing that she has a ‘meat’ allergic reaction to strawberries purchased from major retailers, but does not have this reaction from organic strawberries. GMOs that cross meat by-product are not safe for.those with meat allergies. That is only one incident. There are so many more….people with food allergies need to be even more careful with GMOs should they decide to purchase them.

  2. I think that Monsanto is quitting Europe because of objections to their products. If the shtf and society crumbles who will continue to make GM crops? And if we depend on them the food chain will fail do to lack of seed used to regional conditions. The EU is trying to ban certain seeds and home made insecticides such as Rhubarb leaves, this together with feeding meat feed to beef animals (I stopped eating beef as soon as I heard of this) made up my mind to object to anything altered genetically. And stuff the EU.

  3. Monsanto only wants CONTROL of the food supply..control the food and you control the people..its part of the NWO..

  4. There is a study in the NIH Data Base at that was prepared by the Harvard Medical System. The study found, which I have believed for many years, that prepared foods and foods that are treated with pesticides, herbicides or are GMO’ed are in many cases deadly and increase our risks of many major diseases. Round Up Ready is now found inside the Arctic Circle in Polar Bear Blood. for these that are not enlightened this is a toxic crap that Monsanto puts on corn so it makes a uniform pretty looking ear with the same number of rows of kernels per cob. It also kills cut worm and other pests. Makes one wonder if Monsanto thinks people are pests also. Just Asking. There are over 160 countries around the world that will not allow meat from the United States that has been treated with Anti-Biotics or Growth Hormones (rBGH/rBST). This ban also applies to GMO’ed grains and foods. The latest being Japan that now refuses to accept grain shipments because their Audit Inspectors found GMO’ed grain on a shipment, from Oregon, ready to go to Japan and their government refused to let it be shipped. Oh Well we got practice in moving large amounts of grain around. Listen to your health with Dr. Richard Becker and his wife Cindy on their program “Your Health”. He has a wide range of guests including many doctors, dieticians, pharmacists and so on the program. He always opens the program with a couple of current reports that have recently been published through Pub Med. The study above was on he talked about today.. There are now over 23 MILLION Research Reports in the NIH Data Base that can be accessed. There is even a Tutorial on how to work the system to get the information you want.

  5. I agree with what’s been said but further: Eat according to your blood type. Look for Joseph Christiano’s books “Blood types, Body types & You”.
    You’ll feel better very quickly & it’s not rocket science.

  6. Genetic engineering is a tool, a method, which can be used for good or for bad. Certainly we fear the potential for terrorists to, say, insert a gene or two from the influenza virus into Ebola or Marburg to make it transmissible through the respiratory route.
    But look at the development of “golden rice” which has the potential to save millions from a potentially lethal Vitamin A deficiency. Scientists have inserted a gene into rice (from a daffodil, I believe) which gives the rice a slightly golden color and increases its nutritional value.
    Or the development of another strain of rice which is more able to withstand otherwise catastrophic flooding. These alone can save millions in parts of the world whose biggest problem is “Where am I going to find something to eat…today?”

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