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Letters To The Editor

Additional Dakota Fire Pit Info

Dear Editor,

The video about how to make the Dakota fire hole left a lot of unanswered questions. Who carries a post-hole digger with them? Why and how is it smokeless? He never lit the fire so we could see it and never actually made the tunnel from one hole to another. On a search, I found an excellent article with illustrations that did explain it. See the link below.  

Also, by building a narrow pit about the length of those 2 holes, but with one end deeper, you can achieve the same effect easier by putting a rock, flat if possible, over the top between those two holes. That will do the same thing as the earth on top of the tunnel between the holes.



Dear SD,

Thank you for providing a link that further explains the Dakota fire hole or Dakota fire pit. While in a survival situation where you’re on the move wouldn’t be conducive to carrying post-hole diggers, if you’ve established a homestead spot that you won’t leave, having a pair of post-hole diggers certainly makes easier work for whatever digging you have to do! Your link gives a lot of good information and we thank you for writing!

The Editor



1% Financial Transaction Tax Coming Our Way?

Dear Editor,

This is supposed to have been verified by Snopes. If you find out otherwise, please let me know. If it is true, we all need to know about it in time to vote the rascals out of office in November.

Subject: HR 4646 — HR 4646 calls for a 1% tax on all bank transactions, every time money goes in and every time it goes out.



Dear CW,

There is a bill that has been introduced called the “Debt Free America Act” (HR 1125) that does impose a 1% tax on certain transactions. However, this bill was also introduced in 2010 by another legislator (the HR 4646 version) and neither one of them have gone anywhere. Congress is not expected to vote on them at all.

However, personal transactions of certain types appear to be excluded. They include transfers between an individual’s account (say from savings to checking or vice versa) and any deposit transactions made to an individual’s account. This is not to say this whole bill isn’t a stupid idea, I’m just letting you know what is excluded.

However, a tax that I’m much more worried about is the UN’s proposed global financial transaction tax. This is a body of unelected people attempting to impose a tax on the American people (and all western nations) when our Constitution clearly states that the House of Representatives is the only place that bills for revenue can originate.

The purpose of this tax is to redistribute the money of wealthy nations and to “level the playing field” globally. This is universal socialism at its core and is more a danger to U.S. citizens than a moldering bill that will more than likely never see the light of day. Thank you for writing!

The Editor


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