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Letters To The Editor

Readers Not Counting On Social Security


Editor’s note: To read the story referenced, Why Social Security Is Bankrupting The US Economy, click here.

I have been telling people for thirty years that I would not see a cent of all the money that has been stolen from my paychecks to feed the social experiment called Social Security ….on top of Medicare failing due to lack of money, the “affordable” health care act will cost many times more….total and complete failure. When the people that pass these laws exempt themselves from said laws, you know something is very wrong. With an attitude of “we will pass the law now and deal with making it work later,” we the people are bound to be paying more for less of everything from food to grave plots.



Social Security is in trouble. It is a pyramid scheme. One part of the problem is that as a nation, we are aborting future contributors.



The US Government has been stealing the SS funds for years and leaving IOUs. SS has more than enough money on the books to meet its obligations. Time for the Congress to pay its debts. It is not the faults of SS they squandered the money.



As a S.S. recipient, I believe there is no way the fund will last unless the payout is slashed. Another way for it to last is keep the government’s hands off the fund. As I understand, S.S. is funded by IOUs and borrowed money from China. This does not reassure me of the funds longevity. I’m already building a small business, since retirement, to get over the possible loss of the fund in the future.

“Old Nam Vet”

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