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Letters To The Editor

I read the article on magazine springs are have to disagree somewhat. I am one of those “someone” you referred to who has had a spring go bad due to long term compression. An AR magazine had been kept loaded for almost 8 years prior to my attempting to fire it and it failed to feed the round consistently. It was not the fault of the magazine lips because I switched springs with another magazine and it fed just fine. But, even if this was an “exception to the rule,” what’s the matter with keeping unused magazines unloaded until needed? I rotate my magazines monthly as part of my normal maintenance routine and have taught my children and grandchildren, as well as members in my circle of friends, to do the same.

By the way, the problem magazine spring I mentioned earlier was stored by another and I was trying it out prior to buying it. I did buy it, replaced the spring and it’s now part of my monthly rotation after being tested for reliability. You do as you please, but just in case, I NEVER keep ANY of my magazines loaded for longer them a month. Yes, I’m old school. But who ever said old school was bad?

Keith Simpson


Thanks, Mr. Simpson, for writing. We’ll let others discuss the pros and cons on this one. For our readers, the article you referenced can be read here.



  1. Remember Norinco arms? They were less expensive copies of several popular firearms which were manufactured in Red China and imported for a while into the U.S. They were notorious for poor quality. I have no doubt that accessories were also imported from China at some point in time. Could it be any problems being experienced with mags or operating springs could be with imported items? I know the operating spring in Norenco’s Garands would weaken and cause malfunctions.

  2. The only mags I’ve kept full for long periods were my 12 ga pump and ruger 10/22 circular. I thought the ruger’s had gone bad as it quit feeding the last 3 shells, but after multiple thorough cleanings and testing – good as new. Regardless, I seldom fully load my mags anymore just to relieve some of the pressure.

  3. Very informative article post.Much thanks again. Cool.

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