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Letters To The Editor

Even More Wild Plants You Can Eat

To read the story referenced, “20 Common Wild Plants You Can Eat For Survival,” click here.

Almost as plentiful as kudzoo is poke salad. It’s a green plant that tastes a lot like spinach. The bigger the leaf, the tougher and bitter it is. Get it young, par boil it and pour off the water, then fry it. It will make you sick if you don’t boil it first. It grows on a tall stalk with pointy oval leaves on a purplish stem and has purple berries when it goes to seed. Anywhere the ground has been burned or tilled, you’ll find it.



You missed one of my favorites, purslane. It frustrates a lot of gardeners because it likes to grow on disturbed ground and it’s hard to get rid of. It’s one of the few vegetable sources of omega 3 fatty acid. Stems, leaves, flowers and seeds are all edible and good at any stage. If you pick it early in the morning, it has a sharper flavor, but it’s good any time.


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