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How To Make Potatoes Store Even Longer

Perhaps someone knows about the use of lime powder being sprinkled liberally over potatoes that are spread out on a floor. I saw this one time in an old abandoned house on a farm where two large families lived in Kentucky. They grew a lot of potatoes and kept them all winter by this method. I don’t know exactly why they used the lime, whether to keep away insects, mold, mice, etc., but those potatoes stayed in good shape for the winter. Maybe it helped with the freezing temperatures. I just don’t know. This is a very interesting article. Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.



  1. You can also extend the life of potatoes by placing an apple in the center of the bag of potatoes. Learned this from my grandmother and it definitely works.

  2. Anyone know about using the lime on potatoes, which kind of lime, and were the potatoes in a cellar or just spread on the floor, I can see the lime keeping the bugs off the potatoes, anyone have more information, any ways to keep food during the winter, Thanks JAA

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