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Letters To The Editor

Reader Responds: Yes, I’ve Eaten Bugs

In response to your question have I ever eaten any bugs, the answer is yes . Most Americans have and they do not even know it. But that’s another story. Meal worms, grasshoppers worms. I have eaten all of them. They are very high in protein and really don’t taste bad.



In reference to Waste Not, Want Not: How To Use EVERY Single Part Of An Animal:

I remember my grandmother long, long ago telling me about blood sausage. As my memory serves me, I believe it was pig blood, added to boiling water, that brown “stuff” that’s created is skimmed off, spices added, then stuffed into panty hose and let it dry … the dried sausage then was sliced and fried as needed.



We used to cook the lungs of deer we killed and fed them to our dogs.

Also, the heart of the deer is the best meat in the animal.


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