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Letters To The Editor

Syria and Obama

As a semi-retired Christian minister I remember how that the Bible says; “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.” That verse does not say; “Blessed are the peace enforcers.” America is not the Sheriff today neither is the world the Wild West.

To all Christians it follows clearly that “the children of God” must be Christians, not Muslims engaging in jihad, nor liberal atheists who do not value life as abortion shows. Something is wrong with a people who practice the abortion of their own children but want to risk fiscal solvency to interfere in the domestic affairs of Muslims to rescue their children from death in war.

The Iraq War also disintegrated into a civil war with the Shiite Muslims oppressing the Sunni Muslims. Moreover when the Geneva Convention outlawed the use of chemical weapons in war. That was for
wars between nations. Not for a civil war between ethnic groups within the same nation like in Iraq. It was clearly wrong to risk the lives of American Christian young men to resolve that conflict.

For President Obama to desire to waste over a million and a half dollars for each missile to be used to “punish Syria” in this time of tight budgets is stupid. What could that money do for ‘head start’ for our own children or are the children of Syria more valuable?

Regardless of what is being said about the dictator Assad, he had protected minorities, especially Christians. Whom the Muslim Brotherhood if they should replace Assad would kill. Assad has also managed to keep peace with Israel, that the Muslim Brotherhood intends to drive into the sea.

Death especially the death of children is very unpleasant. But whether it is caused by a biological or chemical weapon, a bullet or a suicide bomb it still produces the same result. Only the Lord Jesus of
Christianity has ever conquered death via His resurrection. …

Remember that verse from the Bible that says; “Pride goes before destruction.” So do not interfere, let Obama self-destruct. Remember, too, that there are such things as anti-ship missiles. What would happen if one of our warships was sunk with great loss of life?

Almost all the poles on this issue that question the people about attacking Syria show an overwhelming majority of people against any attack on Syria. Those in the beltway of Washington, DC feel that it is
more important to support the President even if he is wrong then to face the reality of our own needs and our fiscal responsibility to our own children. Hopefully we’ll remember to vote such diluted Democrats and reprobate Republicans out of office next term.

Anthony Starnes


Dear Mr. Starnes,

Thanks for writing and for reading Off The Grid News.

The Editor


  1. With GOD, forced peace means nothing. This is a duty that is performed by each individual and for the “Grace Of GOD, and from the heart. All decisions for GOD must come from the heart. If the majority of the population is Christian I do not believe that GOD will allow us to be overcome, but so many who claim to be Christian are Christian only in word not in action. Am I judging? Read Matthew 7 and do not stop at verse one. Be sure to read through verse 23. These verses tell us what real judging is.

  2. A round of applause for your article post.Really looking forward to read more. Much obliged.

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