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Letters To The Editor

Readers: Get A Hammock For Survival


To read the story referenced — How An Everyday Hammock Can Revolutionize Your Survival Plan – click here.


Great for food storage to keep it off the ground so animals won’t get into it. A hammock also works as a way to carry multiple items needed for your campsite such as tree branches and firewood and allows you to dry out wood faster (from all sides) rather than just one side as it sits on the ground.



Some Army/Navy surplus stores have them with rain shelters and netting. Built-in works well, although more bulk and weight. … As far as winter, it will set up over the snow, no matter how deep it is, another plus – so quick to set up.



They are great to use if you just need to rest for a while, especially if you’re in an area with no dry ground to sit on. Lunch break in a swampy or muddy area, for example.



Use them as a makeshift fish net.


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