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Make Herbal Medicines Old

Could You And Your Family Survive The Coming Dangerous Medical Meltdown?

Learn How You Can Make Powerful Herbal Medicines Secretly in Your Kitchen

Amazing “Must Have” Course Lets You Prepare Your Own Powerful Herbal Remedies If All Hell Breaks Loose And You Can’t Get To A Doctor

The existence of these incredible videos has enraged and shocked some professionals because they reveal the secrets of making herbal remedies in the privacy of your own home. This course contains blacklisted information establishment bureaucrats had hoped the average person would NEVER have access to. If you would like to learn the lost art of preparing herbal remedies, you absolutely MUST see these amazing videos while they are still available.

Dear Friend,

Our inside sources in Congress have just informed us that new regulation once again targets herbal remedies in the war against freedom of choice in health care.

To monopolize the market, the pharmaceutical companies are pushing for new strict FDA regulations, and whenever possible, a new outright ban on many herbs. A total ban on raw herbs will be difficult, considering that herbs grow wild in practically every field and backyard in the country. What they can ban, however, is the production and the sale of herbal products. And, believe it or not, that is already happening.

  • Thanks to the work of the FDA, the sale of some teas, extracts and tinctures has practically been eliminated. Herbs and/or herbal preparations of blood root, blessed thistle, centaury, calamus root, linden, lobelia, yarrow and vervain are some others, just to name a few on this list.
  • The FDA placed the herb Jin Bu Huan on its long list of Chinese herbal medicines already banned from importation.

The list of banned herbs and herbal preparations is long. And even though the “cradle to grave” party (and their lobbyist comrades) no longer have complete control of the Senate, the list is still getting longer. Banning the sale and/or import of herbal remedies is only part of what’s coming.

Get Ready To See Just How Dirty These Guys Can Play When It Comes To Keeping Herbal Medicines Off The Over-The-Counter Market.

Next, the public will be hoodwinked into believing herbal remedies are dangerous and only the pharmaceutical companies have the know-how and expertise to formulate these medicines. They’re not going to tell you how Oriental doctors have been making plant medicines for thousands of years. Nor will you hear how Native Americans have safely converted medicinal plants into extracts, tinctures, balms and other medicines for centuries in this country. If their plan works, the drug companies will bury these simple, yet very effective, ancient techniques.

Knowing Exactly How To Mix Herbal Preparations Provides A Great Emergency Backup Plan!

Misinformation Campaigns Are “Old Hat” To Pharmaceutical Companies. They Have Become Experts At Manipulating The Media And Using The Regulators To Strong-Arm Anybody That Gets In Their Way

Remember the egg scare a few years ago? Well-orchestrated efforts convinced this entire country that eggs were the worst food ever consumed by man. It was part of the pharmaceutical industry’s scheme to wage war against cholesterol. Quite conveniently, the “war on cholesterol” just happened to coincide with the development of a new class of drugs designed to lower cholesterol levels. Even 25 years later, after hundreds of studies have proven that eggs have absolutely nothing to do with heart disease or cholesterol levels, doctors and patients alike are still afraid to eat this almost perfect food.

Doctors fall for these propaganda campaigns quicker than anyone!

It’s not too surprising, considering their “continuing education” comes mostly from drug salesmen. Heck, they’re still telling patients polyunsaturated oils and margarine are safe. For the last 15 years, research has shown that margarine and these highly processed vegetable oils are worse for your heart than natural substances like butter, olive or flax oil.

Whether we like it or not, doctors are joined at the hip with the pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical companies fund drug studies to get approval. Once the drug has been approved, insurance companies will pay doctors to prescribe it to their patients. Prescribing unapproved drugs or unconventional natural treatments aren’t encouraged in our society. Doing so subjects the doctors to harassment, peer pressure and even malpractice lawsuits. Don’t count on your doctor to show you how to make or use natural medicines. It’s not going to happen.

When was the last time you heard of a doctor recommending licorice root for the treatment of ulcers or stomach problems? Their choice of treatment has been Tagamet. Even when research studies proved that licorice root was a more effective cure for ulcers than Tagamet, doctors still made Tagamet the most frequently prescribed drug in history. Now that Tagamet’s patent protection has expired, the FDA is allowing the drug to be sold over-the-counter. (Maybe you can explain to me, how one minute, Tagamet is so dangerous that the FDA will only allow it to be prescribed under the supervision of a physician, and the next minute, deemed so safe that it can be sold to anyone over—the-counter?)

The Pharmaceutical Companies And Their Strong-Arm Partner, The Regulatory Muscle Of Government, Play Hardball. They Have One Major Interest In Mind. And It’s Not Your Health And Well-Being.

Their interest is pure and simple… profit. This is another excellent example of what I call the “Golden Rule”… The one with the most gold makes the rules. (It should be no surprise to learn that many of the top bureaucrats at the FDA eventually leave their jobs to find higher-paying positions awaiting them in the pharmaceutical industry. That’s that ol’ saying about the fox guarding the hen house.)

I honestly don’t know what will become of herbal preparations in this country. Currently, there seems to be a fairly strong movement toward promoting natural remedies, and I try to remain optimistic. But as a matter of survival, I’ve learned to hope for the best, while preparing for the worst. I’ve seen too many shenanigans orchestrated by our country’s regulators to be naive enough to believe herbal preparations will be left alone. There’s simply too much money at stake.

History Has Shown That When A Natural, Unpatentable Therapy Threatens The Profits Of The Pharmaceutical Industry, It Usually Gets Squashed Like A Bug Hitting A Windshield.

Five years ago, roughly 85% of the world’s population relied on herbal preparations as their sole form of medicine. That figure is now closer to 60%. This percentage will continue to decline rapidly as Western communications and technology invade even the most remote villages of the world. The pharmaceutical companies see these new areas as vast markets. What makes them even more attractive, is the lack of regulations and restrictions on advertising claims. (In Peru, one drug company recently offered a free bottle of wine to anyone there who purchased at least three boxes of its congestion product!)

This push by the pharmaceutical companies also results in a loss of extremely valuable knowledge, the knowledge of how to prepare and use herbal medicines.

U.S. and European pharmaceutical companies are currently isolating single compounds from herbs in an effort to come up with the next miracle drug or “silver bullet.” Traditional herbal practitioners, particularly the Chinese, with over 2,500 years of experience, say this is the wrong approach. They feel that an herb’s real potential can only be realized by using parts of the whole plant. Their experience has shown that nature has a way of combining specific compounds and chemicals that work in conjunction with one another. This harmony accounts for the lack of harmful side effects, the gentle healing effects and the ability of whole herbal preparations to enhance the overall immune system.

Our Western culture isn’t set up to recognize combinations of chemicals, like those found in herbs. In this country, a drug can only be patented or approved by the FDA if it is a pure compound with very specific biological effects. And without patent protection and FDA approval, the huge profits won’t follow. Unapproved medicines are doomed for failure, regardless of how effective they might be.

The information on how to actually make herbal medicines has always been a fairly close-guarded secret. Chinese palace physicians secretly passed it down from one dynasty to the next. Shamans and folk healers hand-picked their apprentices. For thousands of years, this knowledge proved to be some of the most valuable of all. It could even become priceless in just the next few years with the predicted shortage of 150,000 doctors.

I realize that even if you had the time to learn these priceless techniques, you would have to track down a willing Chinese palace physician, or folk healer to teach you.

Well, I’ve taken care of that for you. As you’ll see in a minute, I’ve located one of the finest teachers in the world when it comes to herbal medicines.

This frightening trend toward regulation and the outright banning of certain powerful natural remedies has been accelerating since President Obama took office. And if things really turn nasty, as many insiders are now predicting, I still want you to be able to care for yourself and your family. I want you to have the most powerful tool available… the ability to produce your own natural medicines.

I’m not talking about opening your own factory or using some complicated process. You can use the same simple techniques used by Native Americans, Chinese physicians and folk healers. You can make medicines like bitters, teas, foot powders, eye washes, face creams, lotions, tooth powders, facial scrubs, throat lozenges and hundreds of other powerful healing remedies. And you can do it in just a matter of minutes, right in your own kitchen!

For The Last Eighteen Months, I’ve Been
Searching For The Best Way To Get
This Information In Your Hands.

I’ve literally researched herbal cures from around the world. I’ve interviewed hundreds of herbal practitioners. I’ve reviewed every single teaching aid I could find. Although I met some very knowledgeable people and discovered hundreds of good publications, nothing I could find was concise, simple and easy to use. Just when I had made the decision to produce my own program, I finally found it.

I found the perfect teacher and the perfect program for learning the secrets of collecting, preparing, preserving, storing and using herbal medicines. And as much as I hate to admit it, this program is far better than anything I could have produced on my own.

Debra Nuzzi St. Claire is a Master Herbalist who has been studying and teaching herbal medicine for the last 20 years. She has taught and lectured internationally on the preparation and use of herbs. She has formulated over 270 products for the natural health care industry. And, she has developed the most phenomenal herbal program I have ever seen. It is called, “Herbal Preparations and Natural Therapies — Creating and Using a Home Herbal Medicine Chest.”

Her program consists of four hours of training. The quality of the information is outstanding. Watching this program is like watching something straight from The Discovery Channel. It is spellbinding. Once you start watching, you can’t leave the room.

Debra begins by going into the field and showing you the correct way to identify, collect and protect wild herbs. This section is followed by very detailed, yet extremely simple, methods of making herbal medicines.

As she shows you exactly how to make every type of herbal preparation imaginable, you can follow along in your own kitchen and produce the exact same products. You can make black cherry cough syrup and then turn it into lozenges. You can prepare dozens of useful healing remedies like poultices for warts and varicose veins, burn ointments, lip balm, baby salve, bug repellent, vinegar, clay facial masks, herbal baths and on and on. You’ll learn how to make standardized extracts, tinctures and powders for encapsulation from any herb or herb formula you desire.

When you finish watching these videos, you’ll know more about the preparation of herbs than 99.9% of the doctors in this country. And believe me, it could turn out to be some of the most precious information you’ll ever learn.

Here’s Just A Few Samples Of The Materials Covered On This Program:

  • Making castor oil packs that help to stimulate organ function and relieve pain
  • Why most herbalists are dead WRONG about the right way to make compresses
  • How to make all-natural cough syrup
  • The easiest process of making decoctions (anyone can do this)
  • The best herbal remedy for dry skin
  • When to use electuaries and how to make them
  • The proper way to prepare an extract (that no one else will teach you)
  • Making all-natural facial creams that you just can’t buy at the store
  • Fomentations and when to use them (and why you need an ice cold compress)
  • Proper preparation of glycerites (the 1 step not to miss)
  • The most efficient way to harvest your herbs
  • Making herbal poultices to remove infection
  • Making herbal salves (and Debra shows you how to keep your salves from spoiling)
  • How to identify useful herbs
  • The best way to prepare your infusion
  • Everything you’ll need for juicing your herbs
  • The secret to making a great liniment (no one tells you this)
  • How to make throat lozenges that soothe and heal
  • Using and extracting oils from your herbs
  • Making and using herbal ointments (Debra even shows the best method for burn victim ointments)
  • How to best prepare potent oxymels
  • Plasters that can stimulate circulation, relieve pain, and reduce swelling.
  • The best 3 uses for herbal powders and how to easily make them
  • The absolute BEST method for storing and preserving your herbs
  • Breaking a fever and drawing out toxins with an herbal steam bath
  • Proper stewardship for wild-collected herbs
  • Ultra-comfortable herbal suppositories
  • Preparing and using the best herbal tinctures

*Very Important: This program is designed to be extremely comprehensive. However, it is being sold for emergency preparedness only. It is not in any way intended to replace conventional medicine or your doctor. If you are sick, you should see a health care professional. Please understand, that herbal medicines can backfire. In fact, misuse of the powerful protocols in this course could even be hazardous to your health!

This Unique Program Was Not Produced For The General Public!

It was produced strictly as a comprehensive teaching aid for some of the most prestigious herbal schools in the world. It’s been used to train some of the top herbalists in both this country and abroad. Needless to say, Debra was somewhat confused (and reluctant) when I approached her about offering the program to Powerful Living customers. After all, renowned herbal colleges use it as an advanced class and the cost to their students is often $299 or more. And while it’s worth every bit of $299, at that price, I knew a lot of our customers would not be able to afford it. That’s when I began to wheel and deal with Debra.

Debra St. Claire wants the opportunity of letting more people learn about her lifelong work with herbs. She can do this by making it available to people like yourself. (She knows there’s no more savvy or informed group than Powerful Living customers.)

Most importantly, from this deal you get an unbelievable health tool that may never be available again to the public. Call it a survival program. Call it cheap insurance. Call it whatever you want. It is one of the most valuable health tools you’ll ever own.

Anyway, these are the details that everybody finally agreed to.

  • First, Powerful Living can only offer a limited number of these programs to its readers.
  • Debra St. Claire has the right to pull the plug on this deal at any time.

Without Knowing How To Turn Raw Herbs Into Remedies…
Many Americans Will Suffer Greatly.

Nowhere else will you find this information. (I know, I’ve been searching for almost two years.) Even worse, in the very near future it may not be available at any cost.

This Is Exactly The Type Of Knowledge That Some People Would Like To Have Censored.

Medicare and insurance cutbacks are becoming a reality. And health care costs continue to spiral out of control. Without knowing how to produce herbal remedies, many sick patients will have no other choice than to use conventional medicines. Just as it has been in the past, the pharmaceutical companies will be able to milk billions of dollars in profits each year from the unsuspecting public. And sadly, patients will get sicker and sicker from treating the symptoms of disease instead of the under1ying cause.

I’ve always wanted to teach these simple, yet very powerful, methods of herbal preparation so that our customers could be prepared in a crisis. A book, however, just isn’t the best format. After seeing this program, I know you’ll agree. This program is the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn about the preparation and versatile healing power of herbs. Whether you intend to make your own herbal capsules, powders, tinctures, balms, etc., or just have the program for your disaster preparedness library, you won’t be disappointed. I should add, the massive 150-page reference guide contains scores of recipes, photos and an extensive resource section outlining where you can buy bulk, raw herbs to use in your formulas.

Remember, these herbal medicines are powerful and have been used by many cultures for thousands of years because they have a demonstrated history of working. Modern medicine is only beginning to tap the power in plant extracts that was known and used in the beginning. Plant extracts are truly God’s gift to us. We find very early in the Bible the use of herbs as we read in Genesis:

“During wheat harvest, Reuben went out into the fields and found some mandrake plants, which he brought to his mother Leah. Rachel said to Leah, “Please give me some of your son’s mandrakes.” Genesis 30:13-15

So here’s the deal: I’m doing the best I can to get folks prepared in the event our current health care system gets overwhelmed or breaks down. Frankly, I think the days of thinking that your local doctor will always be available are coming to an end. Many of our friends who are physicians know where this whole thing is going and want out. Every socialist country experiences eventual shortages for that reason and with Obamacare we’re headed for real trouble.

So… all in all… you’ll receive perhaps the most important training in your life, but…

Whatever You Do, Don’t Wait Around For Some Crisis Or Outbreak To Buy This Program. Think Ahead About The Tools You Will Need In A Real Medical Meltdown. This Program Is A Must Have For People Who Plan Ahead.

Additionally, Debra St. Claire’s program, “Herbal Preparations and Natural Therapies — Creating and Using a Home Herbal Medicine Chest,” will provide you with some of the most powerful healing tools that have been developed during the last 2,500 years.

Yours for Crisis Preparedness,

Bill Heid


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