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Burden of Proof: 9 Great Ways To Make Your Product Rule

Contrary to popular belief, we buy based on emotion, and not logic. (Think about it – if it was the other way around, disability insurance and pre-planned funerals would be much easier to sell.) As consumers, we’re first emotionally committed to a sale. But we want one more thing: a really good reason to back up our feelings. We want proof that a product or service will deliver and make all our dreams come true. We want to be convinced that your product is the best product.

Customers want you to prove that what you’re offering will solve their problem better, faster, easier, more effectively, and more economically than all the other options out there. You can package your product beautifully. You can grab the customer’s attention, and build relationships among your clients. You can offer superior customer service.

But if you stumble on the issue of proof, you can still lose the sale.

If you’re not providing proof that your claims are true, you may be washing precious marketing dollars down the drain. It’s as simple as this: your claims must be believable to the customer if they’re going to buy from you.

Here are some ways to help you showcase proof points in your marketing efforts:

In today’s economy, it takes more proof than ever to close a sale. So don’t be stingy with it. Use as many types of proof as fit your product and marketing strategy. Next time, we’ll talk about one of the most essential types of proof of all: testimonials.