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Proverbs for Survivalists

Coping with the world is an ongoing challenge.  When disasters, adversities, and frustrations come up, it can be easy to give into despondency, despair, and self-doubt.  Fortunately, throughout the Bible you will find verse after verse reminding you of the many ways that the Lord supports and affirms your struggle to survive.

After all, when you think of the situations faced by the people of the Bible, they certainly went though dark days.  No wonder they had so many conversations with the Lord asking for assurance, aid, and inspiration!

Alone or with others in communion with you, here are a few verses that seem to speak especially to the Christian survivalist.

Overcoming Fear

Fear is a particularly tough challenge.  It seems that there are so many things to fear in this world, from political uncertainty to economic woes.  However, as society crumbles and the world seems headed for the way of dust, these verses provide strength and assurance:

Overcoming Worry & Anxiety

Worry and anxiety are further burdens for survivalists.  With the future uncertain, it is only natural that these emotions creep into your life.  However, you can keep them from dominating your life by turning to the following verses:

Building Relationships

In the struggle for survival, it is also important not to become an isolationist, and to keep in relationship with others.  Here are few verses to guide and inspire you in this task:

Helping One Another

Along with the need for companionship, partnering with others has practical motivations which the Bible encourages.  Remember these verses when you ponder combining your efforts with others near you:

These verses are just a few of the many words of inspiration and strength that the Lord has for you as a Christian.  Whether your world is out of control temporarily or you have experienced a life changing event, don’t forget to take your strength from the One who can truly shift outcomes.

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