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5 All-Natural Recipe Substitutes For Unhealthy Processed Food

5 All-Natural Substitutes For Unhealthy Processed Food

Image source: CompassNutritionMa

Eating healthy can be difficult — especially when a nutritious recipe calls for something unhealthy. With simple ingredient substitutions, however, recipes can be both healthy and savory.

Try these easy ingredient swaps to reduce a recipe’s caloric content while retaining the taste:

1. Replace sugar with unsweetened applesauce

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2. Replace sour cream with Greek yogurt

3. Replace store-bought butter or margarine with bananas

4. Replace chocolate chips with cocoa nibs

5. Replace mayonnaise with avocado

With these six steps, you’ll find that eating healthy is easier – and more delicious — than you thought.

What are your tips for eating healthier? Let us know in the comments section below.

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