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UN Report Says Organic Farming Is Solution To World’s Food Needs

organic farming un report world food hungerSmall scale organic farming is the only logical solution to the world’s food needs, according to a report from a United Nations organization.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, or UNCTAD, recommends in a 341-page report the world turn to sustainable organic agriculture to meet its food needs.

The report [1], Wake Up Before It’s Too Late, includes a number of conclusions that justify popular arguments for organic agriculture. It says the world must shift to sustainable organic agriculture or face food shortages and environmental catastrophe

It also refutes the argument that corporate industrial agriculture is the only way to feed the world. That means at least one UN agency is now publicly endorsing and backing organic agriculture.

The report states that “organic agriculture is an ideal solution” for the world’s food problems. Among other things it recommends: government policies that promote organic agriculture.

“Meeting the food security challenges is thus primarily about empowerment of the poor and their food sovereignty,” the report says.

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Getting Started

It further says: “This implies a rapid and significant shift from conventional, monoculture-based and high-external-input-dependent industrial production toward mosaics of sustainable, regenerative production systems that also considerably improve the productivity of small-scale farmers.”

The UN’s conclusions about agriculture

Some of the conclusions about agriculture in the UNCTAD report [1] include:

Even United Nations bureaucrats now realize the value of organic farming. Maybe it is time for everybody else to get the message.

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