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How To Stay Off The Surveillance Radar

surveillance cameras

Average Americans are becoming more and like the characters in a spy movie; they are being tracked all the time [1]. Law enforcement agencies, local governments, intelligence agencies, phone companies, banks, Internet companies, and many others are trying to track us.

Big government tracks us to monitor our movements while big business tracks us in efforts to figure out how to make money from us. Search engine companies like Google make a fortune selling our Internet history to others. Even advertising agencies are trying to track us in efforts to monitor and control our behavior.

They track us in many ways via our cellphones, GPS units in our cars, smartphones, online searches, and even the license plate numbers of our cars. Unfortunately, many of the gadgets and innovations that make modern life so convenient and fun make it easy for Big Brother and others to track your movements.

Think like a Spy

It is impossible to avoid all tracking, but you can make it harder to track you by thinking like a spy. In other words, you should leave no trail as you go about your daily movements. Whenever you engage in any activity, ask yourself if you’re leaving any sort of paper or electronic trail that can be followed or detected. Then ask if you can avoid leaving such a trail.

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Some means of not leaving a trail include:

None of these strategies is foolproof; if somebody’s really determined and has a lot of resources, they can figure out a means of tracking you. Yet you should be able to avoid a lot of the tracking by keeping a low profile and avoiding certain activities.