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10 Foods You Can Store For 10 Years

food storage radioStockpiling food isn’t just for preppers and survivalists preparing for an outbreak of Ebola or a downed power grid. It’s for any family or individual who wants to be ready for the unknown, whether that’s a tornado, an earthquake, a hurricane, or even a bad winter storm.

But you can’t just automatically store your family’s favorites, because some of them no doubt would quickly spoil. Shelf life is the key, and on this week’s Off The Grid Radio we speak to survival expert and author Lisa Bedford – better known as the “Survival Mom” – who shares her 10 best foods to store that will last at least 10 years.

Lisa’s 10 foods are versatile enough to make delicious meals you already eat every week.

Lisa also tells us: [1]

Additionally, Lisa gives us here her “five keys” to storing food to ensure it lasts for years and years.

Learn the 10 foods and the simple steps you can take to store food so you can be better prepared!