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6 Ways To Double Your Garden’s Yield This Year, With Barbara Damrosch

Spring is finally here in North America, and for most homesteaders and off-gridders, that means it’s time to plant another garden.

But before you pull out the shovel and hoe this year, why not do something different – something that even can double your garden’s production?

That’s the topic of this week’s episode of Off The Grid Radio, as we talk to gardening expert Barbara Damrosch, who tells us six ways you can double your garden’s yield this year – six simple ways that that are easy to implement.

Damrosch is the author or co-author of “The Garden Primer” and the “The Four Season Farm Gardener’s Cookbook, as well as a weekly gardening column for The Washington Post. She also is co-owner, with her husband Eliot Coleman, of Four Season Farm, an experimental market garden in Harborside, Maine.

Damrosch tells us:


Finally, Damrosch shares with us details about Four Season Farm, which has proven that vegetables can be grown in a cold climate, all-year long. If you’re wanting new ideas for your garden this year, then this show is for you!