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A Tower Of Babel-Chinese Connection?

godawa april 2016 [1]For several years, author and screenwriter Brian Godawa has awakened the imagination of Christians with his biblical fantasy novels that examined everything from the overlooked giants of the Old Testament to the “spirits in prison” of the New Testament.

Godawa concluded that series last year but just released the first book in a new series that stays within the biblical worldview framework while examining significant events in other ancient cultures.

His latest one is “The Dragon King,” a novel about the first emperor of China that is set in 220 B.C. and tells the story of a Greek king who sends his son to the foreign land to hunt for a mythical creature, the dragon. Godawa is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio.

This latest book, like all of Godawa’s novels, is based on real leaders in history. “The Dragon King” even includes a tie to the Tower of Babel.

Godawa tells us: [2]

Godawa co-wrote his newest book with the help of Charlie Wen, a friend from church who also is the head or co-head of visual development for such recent Marvel superhero films as Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor.

If you love a good story and learning about fascinating moments in history, then this week’s show is definitely for you!