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Can Our Constitution Survive Obama’s Lawless Attacks?

JohnEidsmoeQuick question: What’s the supreme law of the land? If you said “Constitution,” you’re right, and you answered better than most Americans, according to a Newsweek poll in which 70 percent of adults gave the wrong answer.

It seems that few in America know much about the Constitution anymore, and that even those who do claim knowledge of it – such as President Obama — are attacking it.

On this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, we talk to constitutional expert John Eidsmoe, who sets the record straight on where the Constitution stands on a host of current topics, from Obama’s executive orders to NSA surveillance to war declarations.

Eidsmoe also shares with us: [1]

Despite all the bad news of the day, Eidsmoe says we still have plenty of reasons to be proud to be Americans. Listen as Eidsmoe — a constitutional professor and attorney and the author of 12 books – tells us why.