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Can You Turn Your Fear Into An Asset? – Episode 036

In a survival situation, do you know what your needs are? Do you know how to stop, assess a situation, recognize your needs, and then improvise to get those needs met? Don’t worry – there are a lot of us that have not thought that far ahead. However, today’s guest on Off the Grid Radio, survival expert Greg Davenport (www.gregdavenport.com [1]), is going to show us a few tips for doing exactly that.

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Greg Davenport was a former United States Air Force Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) instructor. He is an emergency room physician’s assistant and has been teaching survival techniques and wilderness medicine since 1983. He is the author of six books, including Wilderness Survival, which is in its second edition.

Please join Brian Brawdy , Bill Heid and Greg Davenport as they talk about survival techniques for disaster situations.

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