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CIA Spy Secrets That Will Keep You Safe

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Fifty years ago, parents let their children roam free throughout the neighborhood and ride bikes miles down the road, with little concern about their safety. Times, though, have changed, and the world is a much different place. Today, even parents grow weary of going out of the house during certain times of the day.

Violent crime, kidnappings, robberies and carjackings are rampant.

Fear not, though: If you know the tricks to stay ahead of the bad guys, then you and your family can stay safe in a dangerous world.

This week on Off The Grid Radio we talk to former CIA officer Jason Hanson, who reveals secrets and skills he used during his time within the agency to stay alive. In fact, he still uses many of those skills today.


Hanson tells us:

Finally, Hanson – the author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life — also shares with us his everyday carry (EDC) items … items that you may want to consider purchasing.

Don’t miss this information-packed show that could mean the difference between life and death!