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City Threatens Widow With Eviction For Living Off The Grid

off the grid woman floridaWhat if you chose to live off the grid – even ditching all utilities – only to learn that the local government has rules against such a lifestyle? Even worse, what if you wanted to live off the grid and the local government threatened you with eviction?

This is still America, but that’s exactly what is happening to one Florida woman who is a guest on this week’s edition of Off The Grid Radio. Her name is Robin Speronis, and her inspiring story of self-sufficiency has made national headlines – as has her fight against the government that is trying to boot her from her home. The town even is using what it calls “international” code to enforce its stance.

This spunky woman, though, isn’t backing down, and she has obtained an attorney to take a stand not only for her but also for thousands of other off-the-gridders across America who embrace self-sufficiency.

Robin decided to go off the grid after her husband passed away several years ago. Listen as she tells us: [2]

Robin’s fight is our fight, and one that anyone who cherishes self-sufficiency should join.