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Death Panels Are Coming To Obamacare

colin gunn for radioSupporters of government-run healthcare may deny it, but so-called death panels are virtually guaranteed unless dramatic changes are made to the system.

So says filmmaker Colin Gunn, who is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio and whose new documentary, Wait Till It’s Free, examines the many problems with Obamacare and the healthcare system.

From beginning to end, Gunn says, the problems with the healthcare system can be traced to government intervention, and both liberals and conservatives are to blame.

Gunn also tells us: [1]

But there are solutions. Gunn found doctors and patients who have escaped the US healthcare system – and who say there is a better, more self-sufficient way, without the high costs. And they’ve done it in the United States.

Listen as one of America’s leading documentarians tells us what every American needs to know about the healthcare debate – and how you can change how you do healthcare.