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EPA Fines Chicken Farmer $37,500 Each Time It Rains

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chicken farmerRaising poultry is hard enough work, but West Virginia farmer Lois Alt has been battling not only the weather lately but also the EPA – and she’s winning.

The EPA is threatening to fine Alt $37,500 each time it rains. Why? It seems the EPA believes that all-natural dust, feathers and manure on her farm are a threat, and that rain water draining off her property will contaminate the environment. The EPA’s draconian position literally could impact thousands of farmers across the country and put them out of business.

It all sounds ridiculous, yes, but we’ve only scratched the surface. On this week’s episode of Off The Grid Radio, American Farm Bureau Federation’s Danielle Quist tells us just how far the EPA is willing to go to get Lois to obey.

Quist, an attorney who is representing Lois in a lawsuit against the EPA, tells us: [2]

There’s good news, though: A federal court has sided with Lois. But the EPA is appealing, so the legal fight is not over.

This is a true modern-day version of David vs. Goliath that any American – and particularly any off-the-grid citizen — should care about.