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Evicted For Living In A Tent On Your Own Land?

Imagine buying a home in a small town and then watching in horror as it is destroyed due to a freak accident in which the local utility is at fault. You subsequently choose to live in a tent on your property but are told by county officials that your actions are illegal. Soon, they’re handing you an eviction notice.

Sound crazy? It’s actually happening to a woman in North Carolina by the name of Ingrid Larsen, who is this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio.

Ingrid’s previous home was ruined 10 years ago during a storm when 10,000-plus gallons of raw sewage backed up through her toilet into her home, turning her beloved dwelling into a biohazard site. It had to be razed.

She chose to rebuild but had one simple request: No sewer hookups. She instead wanted to use a septic tank, but she was denied a permit. So she decided to live in a tent. That idea, too, was, rejected by government officials.

Ingrid tells us:


Ingrid says her fight is symbolic of a larger nationwide struggle for liberty and freedom. It’s one that everyone – on- or off-grid – should follow. Listen as this one woman shares a story that will enrage and inspire you!