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Extreme Off-Grid Life, 60 Miles From The Nearest Road

Off-Grid Life In a $4,500 Converted School Bus

Homesteading is becoming more and more popular, but few off-gridders choose a location deep into the wilderness, far removed from roads and accessible only by seaplane.

But that is what Ron and Johanna Melchiore did 16 years ago when they built a home in northern Saskatchewan, 60 miles from the nearest road and 100 miles from the closest town. Twice each year they get supplies from a seaplane — and they rarely see another person.

Their style of life is not for everyone, but Ron – this week’s guest on Off The Grid Radio – says he can’t imagine living any other way. In fact, he’s been living off the grid for 36 years.


Ron tells us:

Finally, Ron – the author of the new book Off Grid And Free – tells us about the majestic beauty he witnesses each day, including wildlife that most Americans see only at zoos. (He witnesses the Northern Lights regularly.)

Don’t miss this interview with one of the most fascinating off-gridders we’ve ever met!