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Fight Obama’s Radical Educational Agenda with Alex Newman – Episode 176

common_coreOn this week’s episode of Off the Grid News Radio, host Bill Heid talks to New American writer Alex Newman, about Common Core, the Obama administration education initiative. Newman says the goal of Common Core is to ensure that every American child is learning the same left-wing ideas – ideas diametrically opposed to the values off traditionally minded parents. Liberal views on sexuality are even part of the curriculum.

Long gone are the days of Little House on the Prairie, where Laura Ingalls Wilder and her siblings would skip off to school each morning to the small one-room schoolhouse – and where the parents never complained about what was taught.

The future of America could very well depend on whether freedom-loving Americans are successful at upending Common Core, says Newman.

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Heid and Newman also discuss:

  • How you can fight Common Core on the local level – and win.
  • Who is writing the Common Core curriculum.
  • How Bill Gates is tied to Common Core – and how his financial ties give an indication of the educational goals of Common Core.
  • How Democrats and Republicans both are to blame for the state of education.
  • Why there are very real ties between Common Core and Obamacare.
  • How you are paying for Common Core, whether you have kids or not.
  • How No Child Left Behind led to Common Core.
  • How the Bush family has ties to Common Core, even though it was implemented by President Obama.
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